About me, myself, and I

Me in a nutshell

I've always liked tech and computers, did it a course in college over at North Kent College which taught it loads of different aspects of IT from networking, design, business side, to hardware but I could never chose one to solely do.

Did an apprenticeship instead of uni since I just wanted to get the experience, it an IT infrastructure one. Throughout that job I would play around with scripts to automate various tasks, which towards the end was the only thing I enjoyed.

So I thought, why not switch to some sort of development.

I do leave the house, on occasion

Right now I like going to gym, go karting, and ice skating.

I do love a yearly snowboarding trip going down some black slopes while trying to reach Mach 1 or going to a hot place when it gets cold and wet in London.

Stelko on a snowboarding going down a steep slope

Why freelance? and not 9-5?

I tried, but waking up everyday to applying to god knows how many jobs and not even getting a rejection response was not it.

So I thought why not give freelancing a go, the experience from as a junior surrounded by seniors would of been amazing, but then I would not of been allowed to grow in whatever direction I wished.

So I started off small, putting up gigs on Fiverr and other places of the things I was currently confident in while slowly adding more as I was continuously learning more.

Started off slower that I would of wanted but now I am that "unemployed" friend doing random shit on a Tuesday because I choose how to spend my time.

Got an a project? Or just wanna say hi?