I modernise London businesses' sites

Hey I'm Stilyan, also known as Stelko, a London-based freelancer developer and designer modernising websites. With a main focus in designing and developing marketing sites for those in need of a revamp, using Next.js and Sanity.

What I do

Website revamp

Is your current site looking outdated or needs speeding up? I specialise in modernising aesthetics and enhancing performance

Website creation

Just starting out or got a new idea? I can design and develop a new online presence from the ground up

Design to code

Got a design file ready to go? I can turn that vision into a fully functional, responsive website


Starting a business is challenging, but Stilyan made it seamless. From domain registration to web design and beyond, their comprehensive support was invaluable. Their creative vision and technical expertise brought my business idea to life in a way that exceeded my expectations


I am immensely grateful for Stilyan's help in fixing and understanding our website. Their ability to navigate through the previous developer's mess and not only repair but also educate us on maintenance was extraordinary. The site now functions perfectly thanks to their meticulous work.


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Simplify content control with Sanity

Tailored content management

Effortless control tailored to your needs. Craft a unique online presence with Sanity's fully customisable content management. Manage your content effortlessly, aligning it with your business identity.

Consistent messaging, less effort

One-stop content management for message consistency. Write your content once, and let it resonate across your entire website. Sanity ensures consistent messaging, saving you time and effort in content management.

Scalable for your growth

Grows with your business, adapts effortlessly. Whether starting or expanding, Sanity grows with you. It effortlessly handles increased traffic and content, providing scalable solutions as your business evolves.

Revolutionise performance and SEO with Next.js

Turbocharged performance for lead generation

A lightning-fast website isn't just a luxury; it's your key to attracting and retaining leads. Say goodbye to slow-loading pages that drive potential customers away and reduce your bounce rates.

SEO mastery for enhanced visibility

Catapult your website to the top of search engine rankings with Next.js. In the digital age, visibility is everything. Next.js comes equipped with SEO enhancements, ensuring your content is not just seen but prominently featured.

Seamless growth and enhanced user satisfaction

Is your business experiencing growth pains? Next.js is your scalable solution. Whether you're a small business or expanding rapidly, Next.js handles increased traffic without compromising on performance.

Tech stack

  • Frontend development

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    • React Logo


    • Shadcn/ui logo


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  • CMS

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  • Deployment & version control

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  • Design

    • Framer logo


  • Development tools

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  • Communication & project management

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      G Suite