Revive your online presence

Breathe new life into your website

Your website is a reflection of your business.

Revamping is not just about a new look; it is about rejuvenating it to reflect your current business goals and identity.

Modernising or opting for a complete new look, I tailor my approach to meet your needs

Screenshot of East Wood Accountancy Taxation's old site showing off their hero section and some text
Screenshot of East Wood Accountancy Taxation's new site

Speed, SEO, and scalability

In the digital age, performance is key. With Next.js I can not only ensure that your revamped website is visually appealing but also fast and responsive.

Enjoy seamless user experiences, improved search engine rankings, and a website equipped to handle growth

100 performance on mobile based on Google PageSpeed
Mobile Google PageSpeed results
Google PageSpeed desktop results, all green with performance with a near perfect 99
Desktop Google PageSpeed results

Your content, your control

Take control of your content like never before with Sanity.

This powerful content management system, enables you to easily update text, images, and other content on your site.

Say goodbye to complex back-ends and enjoy a straightforward interface

Stonebridge Construction Co.'s home page modules setup
Home page modules setup

A fresh look with a familiar feel

I understand the importance of preserving the essence of your brand.

This revamp includes a detailed analysis of your current website to identify and keep its strengths, while transforming outdated elements into modern, user-friendly components

Ready for a transformation?