Website creation

I design and develop a marketing website from the ground up to be full self-managed by your team and yourself

What you get

A full spectrum website solution including the conceptual design, development, and deployment.

I do this by understanding your business goals and translating them into a digital format.

Screenshot of Designo's Figma design file
Screenshot of Designo's hero section

Ease of management

Say goodbye to complex content management systems with too much shit that you do not need and a pain to get rid of, Wordpress...

With Sanity I create you a platform with only the documents you need allowing to access what you need and not get lost finding it.

Stonebridge Construction Co. services structured content setup
Services structured content

Foolproof SEO

You have total control of the page's SEO fields and which pages show up on Google.

Every other technical SEO requirement like the sitemap and schema markups are automatically created and updated.

Sanity SEO pane setup on my portfolio site
Here's me doing it as I am creating this page

Peak performance

Your visitors will experience the pinnacle of website performance with Next.js.

I build them with Next.js to ensure lighting-fast page loads, optimal SEO, and a overall smooth interactive experience no matter the device.

Google PageSpeed mobile results, performance scoring 98 and the rest 100
Mobile Google PageSpeed results
Google PageSpeed desktop results, performance scoring 99 and the rest 100
Desktop Google PageSpeed results

So when we creating your site?