Design to code

I take your file and translate it to code to be displayed on the web using Next.js and Sanity

Pixel perfect translation

Your design is a masterpiece, so I also treat it as such, ensuring that every element of the original design gets translated into code with precision.

I bridge the gap between design and development making sure it is a mirror image

Screenshot of Designo's Figma design file
Screenshot of Designo's hero section

Modern tech for modern sites

With the power of Next.js, your design will become a high performance and saleable site.

Meaning faster load times, improved SEO, and a better overall user experience.

100 performance on mobile based on Google PageSpeed
Mobile Google PageSpeed results

Manage content with ease

Say goodbye to disorganised content management and hello to Sanity.

With its integration, it ensures your content is as structured as your design.

Managing texts, images, and all forms of content is simple.

Stonebridge Construction Co. services structured content setup
Services structured content

Responsive at all screen sizes

In today's world, responsiveness is key to a great website.

That is why I ensure that all my sites are fully responsive and provide an interactive experience across all devices.

Desktop, tablet, or mobile, all your visitors will receive the same quality experience.

Screenshot of Designo's site on various screen sizes

Need a design translated to pixel perfection?