Stonebridge Construction Co.'s landing page hero section

Stonebridge Construction Co.

Portfolio site showcasing design and development skills. Complete branding and content development from scratch.

  • Design
  • Website creation
  • Sanity
  • Next.js
  • Development

Why make it?

Seen a lot of construction services companies around my area on Google Maps with outdated designs, slow performance, or just poor user experience.

So I made something which fixes all those issues, that way if I ever work with a client with a background in construction or similar, I am ready.

Stonebridge Construction Co.'s landing page hero section
Hero section of the landing page

Page builder

It features 9 different modules that I can play around with, including a hero, layout, accordion, and more.

Each module also has multiple designs and configurations depending on the content.

Stonebridge Construction Co.'s home page modules setup
Home page modules setup

Reusable modules

No need to be coping an pasting the same text over and over again, just create the module in one location and use it wherever.

This is a huge time saver and why structured content is king.

Stonebridge Construction Co.'s reusable modules documents
Reusable modules

Structured content

Speaking of the devil, its just a must at this point.

Again I only had to write the testimonials and services in one location and let my modules go loose with referencing them anywhere on the site with the content being the exact same everywhere.

Stonebridge Construction Co. services structured content setup
Services structured content
Stonebridge Construction Co. testimonials structured content setup
Testimonials structured content

Tech stack

  • Frontend development

    • TypeScript logo


    • React Logo


    • Shadcn/ui logo


    • TailwindCSS logo


    • Next.js logo


  • CMS

    • Sanity logo


  • Deployment & version control

    • Vercel logo


    • Github logo


  • Development tools

    • VSCode logo


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