Screenshot of Guard Restoration Builders hero and about section

Guard Restoration Builders

I designed and developed a fast, self-managed site to get a start on their digital image. Assisted in domain setup and email configuration too.

  • Next.js
  • Sanity
  • Website creation
  • Design
  • Development
Screenshot of Guard Restoration Builders hero and about section

Starting a business is challenging, but Stilyan made it seamless. From domain registration to web design and beyond, their comprehensive support was invaluable. Their creative vision and technical expertise brought my business idea to life in a way that exceeded my expectations


Instant page load

With an almost perfect score on Google PageSpeed, all thanks to the power of Next.js server-side rendering.

In a world where every millisecond counts, this fast page load not only keeps the initial retention and enhances user experience but helps with SEO rankings.

Google PageSpeed mobile results, performance scoring 98 and the rest 100
Mobile Google PageSpeed results
Google PageSpeed desktop results, performance scoring 99 and the rest 100
Desktop Google PageSpeed results

Page builder setup

With custom created modules, GRB can decide the order of all their content and add/remove any others.

Started off with a hero, content, and team modules, to name a few, but more can easily be developed or existing ones can get more types.

Sanity page builder setup
Sanity page builder setup

Simple SEO setup

The home page meta title and description can be easily changed to help with changing SEO trends. The XML sitemap is automatically created with Next.js.

Sanity on page SEO setup
Home page SEO setup

Tech stack

  • Frontend development

    • TypeScript logo


    • React Logo


    • TailwindCSS logo


    • Next.js logo


  • CMS

    • Sanity logo


  • Deployment & version control

    • Vercel logo


    • Github logo


  • Development tools

    • VSCode logo


  • Communication & project management

    • GSuite logo

      G Suite

Looking to start from the ground up too?