Screenshot of East Wood Accountancy Taxation's new site

East Wood Accountancy Taxation

From breaking some bad news of what their previous developer left them with, to redesigning and developing a faster, modern, and a self-managed website.

  • Design
  • Website revamp
  • Sanity
  • Next.js
  • Development

So what was the bad news?

I first helped out when they were struggling to update dates on their site. They tried accessing their content management system, just like their other site, by going through /admin but it was not working.

That's when I discovered for them that their site was made up of static PHP files and was not a WordPress site like they thought.

East Wood Accountancy Taxation home page scroll top to bottom

Modernising the look

I was given full reign over the new look. I wanted to make the new site modern and simple allowing visitors to not be overwhelmed while finding exactly what they need in a few clicks as possible.

Using their orangey gold brand colour was fun to place all over the site as it gives a warmth and friendly vibe which bonds well with their brand identity which is to form partnerships with their clients.

Screenshot of East Wood Accountancy Taxation's old site showing off their hero section and some text
Screenshot of East Wood Accountancy Taxation's new site

Instant page load

Near almost perfect score on Google PageSpeed, all thanks again to Next.js and it's static site generation.

Though their old static PHP site was on par in speed, it was riddled with accessibility, responsiveness, and SEO issues.

Google PageSpeed mobile results for East Wood Accountancy Taxation
Mobile Google PageSpeed results
Google PageSpeed desktop results for East Wood Accountancy Taxation
Desktop Google PageSpeed results

From not having a CMS, to having the best in the business

With Sanity they can now easily manage the content on their pages through the use of page builders while everything else is neatly organised thanks to structured content.

Anytime they get a new testimonial or add a new service to their arsenal, they can simply create a document and show it off to the world. Changed their email or phone number, one text field away and it will update on all pages.

Tech stack

  • Frontend development

    • TypeScript logo


    • React Logo


    • Shadcn/ui logo


    • TailwindCSS logo


    • Next.js logo


  • CMS

    • Sanity logo


  • Deployment & version control

    • Vercel logo


    • Github logo


  • Design

    • Framer logo


  • Development tools

    • VSCode logo


Is it revamp o'clock for you too?